Mentoring Matters(Part 1)

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

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लोहा पारस परस भई, कंचन भई तलवार
लेकिन तीनों नाम मरे , मार धार आकर , ज्ञान हथौड़ा जब पड़ा
सत्गुरु मिले सुनाए , तुलसी तीनों काट गए , मार धार आकर

Which means:

Sword is full of violence but once a mentor comes into life , it gives life a beautiful meaning , and all the violence is taken off and peace of mind is granted and then any battle of life is won…

Life happens when you least expect it.
Every person you meet has a purpose to serve in your life be it to teach you something or to simply add value to your life. We learn from the people around us and each one of them teaches us something new. So be it anyone, everyone who comes act as a mentor.

This is something dedicated to the teacher figure in your life who has taught you so many valuable lessons you will never forget, whether it was one particular lesson or various little lessons.

The topics vary from education to career to love life to basic common sense, but he or she was always there to guide you through some aspect of your life.

Maybe it was the author of your favorite book or maybe it was some person you sat next to during a bus ride. It can very well be a family member or an actual teacher, think out of the box for someone who has taught you an unlikely, yet valuable lesson.

Mentors affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.
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A beautiful lesson of life.

Four college friends after 10 years of life decided to meet again and visit their professor’s home. Who has now become very old. But when he saw his students at his home he was delighted with joy. He went into the kitchen to make tea for them. Till then the four friends were talking about their life and professor was carefully listening to them. He realised none of them was happy in his life inspite of having good job, salary.

What their professor must have done to made them realise the importance of life?

To be continued…..

The main importance of teaching is not to give explanations but to knock at the doors of the mind. This is what a great mentor does. He leads you to various experience which helps you to ponder upon more deeply.

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  1. It’s very good . Your story telling makes me wait for the second part. Like it so much.
    Waiting for second part.

  2. Nicely put really good loved it ✨🎉⭐🎉⭐ The story telling, connect and relatablity is very high. Great work Kirti. Proud of you 🙌

  3. Panik Agarwal

    Very Nice Kirti..!! it’s worth perusing for everyone😍😍 Waiting for the next part of it.😊

  4. Bespectacledbeam

    I find this writing truly appealing. Reader sticks to the end to know how it unravels the story and here we are with suspense being the end part which makes you impatient untill the part 2 arrives.
    Keep up the good work Kirti 🙂

  5. Shubham Agrawal

    Mentors affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops Waaaav!Very nice Kirti !!

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