When you say Black Lives Matter, that’s instinctively Racist.


My blood boils and my heart aches.


It’s not enough to simply say “do no harm” or “not to be racist” because this stereotyped and habitual path has produced the same atrocity again and again.


This is an agonizing conversation for most of us especially when people have to suffer and ask for their right just because of their skin color.


In these many years I’ve realized that facing history is much easier than facing ourselves in today’s society where still people judge people on the basis of the skin tone. Obsession with fair skin is well known and deep-rooted in our society.


We must admit that human right exists beyond what society thinks.


We all bleed the same color.


We must reinforce, loudly and repeatedly that  “My Skin Is Not A Sin.”


Not for me, not for you but for everyone who suffers because of this low mentality.