slow and steady wins the race

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

A simple sentence with a short story behind it. But if you think about this proverb, it has a powerful message for every one of Us. It is a proverb that we should remember in our daily life, in our tough times, and most importantly, we should not forget this sentence while chasing our dreams, wherein this competitive world we want instant success. We follow a lot of successful people on social media. Many successful people have a very heartbreaking story that motivates us a lot. People may have different success stories, but if you observe, everybody has the same story about their working pattern. They kept on doing the same things over and over again till they achieved what they want. And they continue doing it forever.

We listen to a lot of motivational stuff, watch a lot of motivational videos. We try all the hard stuff that they tell us to do, but we forget to do the easiest of the things that they ask us to do because we find it annoying, and we end up giving up too early. We find it very difficult to go ahead because we want to solve 264 x 243 without learning 1+1.

Think about it, does “slow and steady, wins the race” have some real meaning?

If you give it a serious thought, it has some real meaning. We can achieve our goal by doing the things that we need to do but also essential to do them consistently, as slow as a tortoise. As they say, ‘Consistency is the key to success.’ To be successful or to succeed in any given task, one of the essential things is patience. The tortoise was slow as compared to the rabbit, but he kept on doing his work with patience, and this was the key to his victory.

So no matter how slow one is in his/her work, if they keep it doing steadily with having faith in what they do someday, he/she will succeed. Have confidence in what you do; it may take some months or also years but have faith in the process, and one day, you will get the results you want. Have confidence in what you do, believe that you can do it. All the successful people always say that “If I can do it, you can do it, anybody can do it.” Keep reminding yourself in the tough times that “YOU CAN DO IT.”

To sum up, I will write one of the most motivating quotes of all times “Rome was not built in a day.” Have patience, believe that you can do it, and you will make it one day!!!