Stun Your Swag. The goal isn't to get rid of all your negative thoughts, feelings and life situations. That's impossible. The goal is to change your response to them


There are few thoughts that clinch your mind so deeply that it takes a while for you to regain your lost consciousness. It inevitably becomes a state of carpe diem where you don’t want to pay any heed to any other thought that knocks at the door of your intellect.”As you think so shall your life will be” has certainly proved to be one of those thoughts for me without a shadow of doubt. These nine little words, when put into perspective, add great value to anybody who can’t cut ice with his own thinking. Let me try to put in some effort so that I can articulate this in a lucid manner.

Albert Einstein once said, “One of the fundamental and major decision that you got to make in your life is to decide whether you live in a friendly or hostile universe”. The rationale behind this statement is simple. If we perceive this cosmos as something that has always added some impetus to our system, we’ll also be looking to do the same and vice-versa. But, what if we end up being on the other side of the road?. What I mean is lot of us find this world of ours as a place where humanity is of little substance and we project this limited belief to every spectacle that we come to meet with, thereby leading us onto the course of hostility. Today, I find so many people giving the remote-control of their emotions in the hands of other people allowing them to bamboozle their minds subsequently.

The above stated reason amounts to a lot of dissatisfaction among people which leaves them infuriated to continue their lives.Now, spare a thought to ask yourself whether you are strong enough to keep your grudges alive and live merrily. I don’t think that’s possible. Had that been possible, not even a single one would have termed his/her life as a miserable one. But, what happens is contrary to what we expect, the reason being our own intelligence turns against us. Please understand, this heavenly body has got a lot to offer provided we consider of it as a larger possibility. Don’t allow the demons of your mind to run through all your central tendencies. Make a strong claim to everyone around you that no matter what, you are going to be somebody who believes in the brightness of optimism. As it has been rightly said, no one knows enough to be a pessimist about anything.

To control your mind, control your brain. To control your brain, control your breathe.
Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your brain. Image source: yourselfquotes

It’s my humblest advice to each one of you who reads this “Never allow your mind to become a slave of somebody else’s words or actions”. Be wise enough to understand that you can’t quench everyone’s thirst. You are solely responsible for your own thoughts and actions taking into consideration that there are no justified resentments at any juncture. Whatever despises you today might be your desirous spot tomorrow. It’s in the surreptitious nature of life that we should look to place our faith upon and process into the gradual advancements of life. The reality of happiness or sadness rests on how our thinking of life, that we are leading, finds its shape. If it’s appeasingly keeping your boat afloat, guess what? You’re one of the happiest persons alive on Earth.

I’d certainly like to endorse the fact that we owe a lot to this piece of life that we’ve been endowed with. Now, it’s upto us to make the most of it. Follow the right course of action and wisdom accompanied by intellectual prowess and you’ll never be disappointed. Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. It has been beautifully scripted “A person can never be defeated if he has won his mind over”. I seriously don’t know whether I’ve done justice to the topic that I chose but if you found it useful, do comment and share. Thanks a lot for reading. Cheers! 🙂

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  1. Motivation is temporary but inspiration is permanent . Spread such optimism , good connect with reality. Kudos! 🙌👌✌

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