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15 Childhood Memories that will make you feel nostalgic.

15 Childhood Memories that will make you feel nostalgic.


Comprehensively, I am an extremely nostalgic person. It is because I am incessantly submerging into anxiety, depression, stress because of career tension and other hitches which “maturity” forces upon us. Lately, while temporizing everything in my life, I made the typical mistake of logging Instagram. After going through DIY projects that I could not once furnish, I discovered snaps of ’90s remembrance.


Let me take you to a mesmerizing ride of your most amazing days:


1. The most insane things you used to do was to decide whether someone deserved your love, friendship, affection, marriage, enmity, or sisterhood by performing some serious activities.



Childhood games. Nostalgic memories, flame game game



2.  The most awaited day was your “birthday”. The talk used to begin a month before when you used to be so determined in backward counting of the days left. Your birthday was a reason to wear your nicest outfit to school and hand out candy to everyone.

Melody chocolate distribution in school on your birthday.
Picture Source: Flipkart
Birthday, nostalgic days, memories, childhood.
Birthday Party/Parents Magazine/GettyImages-543767951

3.     This was the most mouth-watering viver that anyone could possibly cook in two minutes. Damn!! It’s still luscious. Seriously, every time you saw this eventuating on TV, you needed it to happen for you in real life.

4.     “Elemenopee” was the longest letter in the alphabet. Hahahaha!! I am still murmuring this rhyme while writing this article.


5.     Power cuts were the most stupendous time when you were given exemption from doing homework and were allowed to go outside and play in the dark.

nostalgic days. games, dark,

6.     Remember these stiff-dupatta uniforms?


School days, memories, nostalgic


7.     That forbearance came in handy while reloading this controversial toy of its own time.

nostalgic days, kids gun

8.     “Akar Bakar Bombay bo…” How can one forget this?

Akkad bakkad bambe bo. Nostalgic Days
Akkad Bakkad Bambe Bo.
Picture Source: D’Source
nostalgic days, akkad bakkad bambe bo

9.     Where can you not find this kid?

Nostalgic days. AMUL AND PARLE G

10.   And the maiden tattoo you ever got was the chivalry of these fellas:

bubble gum/ nostalgic days.
Boom Boom Boomer.
picture source: Flipkart


11. Life was simple then. Childhood wasn’t as complex as it is now as someone has rightly said:

“BACHPAN:- Pocket money kam tha, par sukoon jyada”.

clay piggy bank, nostalgic days, money, savings
Clay piggy bank was ultimate love.
source: D’source


12. Being “Chor” was so much fun. When you tried to fake your Identity.

Raja Mantri Chor Siphai. The nostalgic game. We can never forget.

13. Girls, do you remember this game? “EK SAHELI”

girls-traditional-childhood-games-3866, nostalgic
Ek saheli.
Source: Samaa TV


14. These were the favourites.

nostalgic serials, childhood, memories


15. Your heart craved for these sweets.

nostalgic sweets, ksisme, childhood days
source: wedmegood

The innocence of yesterday, the nostalgia of today

You hear a song and it takes you in your nineties something to feel? You see an old photograph and it leaves a silky smile on your face for the purity of its delicacy? Remember your old cycle on which you used to ride down the streets, in a black and white era? You live in the era of prismatic and your heart recollects black and white. The charm of childhood nostalgia, a glorified time when everything was just fine. Nostalgia reflects an eagerness for simpler times the worry and complexities which thrive adulthood.

I would now like to bring the curtains down. This content was on demand. I hope I did justice to everyone’s nostalgic memories. I would be happy if you guys give your suggestions for the next post. Your demands will surely be fulfilled. Do give your suggestions in the comment section below.

Do share your nostalgic memories in the comment section below.


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