Why everyone wants to dream being rich without being kicked by failures.

Wow, this is one of the most intriguing questions I’ve ever come to deal with. Standing on the verge of the road that is relatively unknown to me and knowing not where it’ll lead to makes me quite contemplative of the statement that:- Is it really that necessary to dream big to draw something big towards you?. We’ll figure this out soon as we sink deep into this matter of discussion.

Apparently, it has become customary for everyone who are at the stage of adolescence to start shaking their legs in order to grab something that’ll make them rich and prosperous. But, why we want to be rich is still not clear. May be, it is because of the fact that we have witnessed this world where everything is quantifiable. In all likelihood, it is one of the major reasons that paves the way for one’s thoughts to flow in such a direction. Right from our childhood, we are brought up with the vague idea of investing everything into studies, no matter what our vocation is. In a broader context, we are only allowed to dream within the periphery of something that relegates within the sphere of studies.

The above paragraph was just meant to introduce the meaning of “dream” that is in vogue in the present scenario. But, today’s generation dreams are more characterised by the apprehensive nature of their manifested beliefs that are in no mood to die down soon. These days, the youth want to be successful at the wink of an eye without realising that it takes enough mental strength to ostracise any impediments that come their way. There are obstacles knocking at the door every second, testing our grit and gist to the maximum. We just need to be at our toes everytime to let every negativity know that we are not here to succumb but to succeed. We just can’t let anyone bog us down at any point of time. As it has been rightly stated:-

“Jo udne ka shauk rakhte hai, wo girne ka khauf nahi rakhte”

Today, there is a vast majority of young people who are hell bent at making a mark for themselves. However, we forget that everything worth being wished for tests us to the core. It’s our resilience that needs to stand up for us in every moment of crisis. We just need to have that gallant attitude up our sleeves every time when we encounter tough times. Don’t let that graceful smile of yours being reduced to tears. It’s the time to put too many irons in the fire. Do what appeases you, soothes you, proliferate your hidden skills and what has a positive impact on your idea of conducting your life. Remember, we all are here for a purpose that is entrusted upon us to serve others to the maximum of our ability.

Before I bring my waves to the shore, I hope that everyone achieves that they truly desire and deserve by means of honesty, sincerity, integrity and hard work. The prognosis of perseverance is what is the need of the hour for any youth who is left wondering if his life is useless one or a useful one.

“Sabr wo aansu hai jo palkon tak aakar bhi aankhon se nahi girta”

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I just hope that this article was a useful attempt in invoking any clarity of thoughts in your mind. I hope you all reach the summit of success without being kicked by failures. Thanks a lot for reading. Please pour in your suggestions as much as you can and I’ll look forward to enhance myself wherever possible.

Have a great time ahead..Cheers..!!

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  1. Swapnil Patil Jain

    “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”

    A worth read thou! Kudos to you…🤩

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