Why making mistakes is an indispensable part of one’s life?

Well, it’s 1:00 am sharp and I must admit that I follow no such agenda of rising with the lark. But, sometimes what happens is, few thoughts start clicking and overwhelm you so much that you can’t help but begin to write about what your mental faculties are pondering over so vigorously.

So, let’s come to this. Mistakes, a touchy subject, isn’t it?. Well, this word surely isn’t in need of any formal introduction as we all are well acquainted with it already but we’ve got our own ideas/perceptions as to how we look at it. And I’ll make sure that I don’t bore you with what is already known to you. I’m sure that everyone reading this would have sailed in the same boat at some stage in their lives. Don’t worry, even I’ve made some horrendous mistakes and still haven’t managed to get the monkey off my back. Today, I find so many people carrying grudges in their hearts simply because of the incorrigibility of the mistakes they’ve committed so far.

So, let’s discuss the elephant in the room now. Is it worth making mistakes?- A big YES. You got to admit the fact that nobody is infallible. It’s just that the proportion of it(mistakes) varies from individual to individual. I think it is a huge fallacy that we are constantly told that we should avoid making any errors in our life. That is why when the inevitable happens, our minds start transcending in the other direction and we begin to think that it’s due to those glitches that we’ve not gained the positive momentum so far in our respective fields. But, what if I tell you that the story is entirely different from the bird’s eye view. In hindsight, the biggest thanks should be credited in favour of all those mistakes that one has committed so far. You got to realise that if not for these episodes of life, you wouldn’t have been half a person of what you’ve become.

It’s better to make mistakes then to fake perfection.

I keep chanting one sentence everywhere. Every mistake has got to teach you something. So, it’s the lesson that you strike in the bargain is what makes you different from the rest. The ability to comprehend the potency of the subject being not in vogue is what makes one suffer a breakdown. The day you’ll start to acknowledge and learn from your follies, half the battle is already won. You might have come across many words like letting go, moving on, blah blah blah. But, the matter of the fact is-No inspirational thought is inspirational enough to inspire ray of hope, blissfulness and horizon of optimism other than your own acts of rationality. You’ll have to develop enough mental strength to come to terms with the veracity of life. Yes, you do navigate through the ups and downs in life, but you need to stand tall against whatever comes your way and make sure that you make it a worthwhile experience.

Before I bring down the curtains, I would like to serve few connotations. To lead a healthy life, break all the stereotypes, prejudices, presumptions, assumptions and start accepting neither everything is going to be in your favour nor everything is going to go against you. So, carve out a niche with all due deligency. I really do not know whether I’ve been able to articulate what the subject matter is. Still, I feel my views might not be the best but they are surely different from the rest. So, reverent readers-do rate, review and pour in your recommendations.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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