Her spark of hope.

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Never lose hope, just when you think its over, God sends you a miracle. Picture edits: Canva

When we all stand at the threshold of what might shape our future life, it’s unarguably necessary to stand against some unforeseen or unwanted circumstances indefatigably. Yes, I know you all are mature enough to pose infront of the challenges that your life throws at you but what we fail to do is grab the opportunities that come at the midst of all this turmoil. It’s just one area where I wish to throw some light as we move along.

Big opportunities come to only those who are ready to face big challenge, who are ready to risk everything, not for the results which they get, but for the Cause which doesn’t let them sleep.

Your cause must be greater than everything else. Make it big. Take the challenges. Acquire the opportunities.

There will be times when montony will strike you , when you will feel exhausted, when you will feel tired and find no reason to do the work.

You will hate every single minute when you go exhausted.

This is the time where you have to take a decision.Where you have to decide, whether to QUIT the task or to carry on with Enthusiasm and a Fighting spirit. Fighting for your cause, and to make your cause successful.

That’s the Attitude which separates you from common masses, which has the potential to Inspire others, break the system and innovate the learning process.

And remember, years later when you will recall this or tell someone about these anecdotes, A line will always come out of your mouth , i.e ,” I think, that was the best decision I took, despite all odds.”

So, the time when you think that it’s enough, I Want to QUIT. That’s the point where you have to Stand with your decisions, that’s the point where you have to Keep the Patience and believe in YOU. That’s the Point where you have to Take a Stand For Yourself. That’s the Point which will separate you from the Crowd. That’s the Point where you will learn the biggest truths about yourself and your Potential.

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The Biggest Enemy:– Procrastination..
During the work, Procrastination will attack you, you will be made to feel to do the important work later and less important ones earlier(as it gives pleasure).

So we have to cheat our minds. Use this cheat code to deal will Procrastination.
As your mind says, Oh this task is so big, I won’t be able to do it, we will do it tomorrow and we fall into this fallacy of tomorrow.

The moment your brain Procrastinate, Tell your Brain this thing, ” Yes , you are right, the task is really big, it won’t get completed now, but We will do what , we will do just 3 questions , and will leave it.” You have to constantly give instructions to your brain to become its master. Don’t let yourself decided by MOOD factors.

You have to break the task in smallest pieces and say to your brain that you will complete that piece only,
Eg:– If you want to exercise ..but you keep on Procrastinating, just tell your brain that you will do only one Push up…and see the magic happening with you …

“If you want to eat the elephant , you can eat it piece by piece only,” So, Divide your task into smallest ones and Tell Your brain, that ” We will do the smallest piece of task NOW,” the magic is that, the moment you sit and do those 2-3 questions, Your Mind will go in work mode itself will start doing the thing , that’s how you will Not just conquer your enemy but also become friends with it.

MOOD should not be the factor of your decisions and work. Successful people don’t depend on their moods, they have their well written plans. And they stick to it.

Preplan your day in advance, don’t make perfect schedule but whatever schedule you make don’t do anything extra apart from that schedule.

Ex:- Your friend calls you, and that’s not in your plan and you know it’s going to take more than an hour in talking, then simply ask your friend to call you tomorrow so that in next day plan you can include that you have to talk to your friend (until unless it’s urgent to take)

Let’s say you found some interesting video / motivational video/ any movie…but you know that it’s not of your plan / Schedule which you have made for today. Then just tell your brain… Okay we won’t watch it today, but yes I will make sure that I will include it in tomorrow’s schedule .

Work strictly as per plan. Treat yourself as the Most Valuable person on Earth, Whose Time Matters a lot. Don’t think that this technique will destroy your friendship, reason being, if the friends want to remain your friend then don’t give them incentives, it should be their choice to be there.

Delaying things won’t hamper anything.
Do not violate your schedule, howsoever crap or unproductive your schedule is , even if you want to watch porn.. you must have it in your schedule. Make sure your mind works on instructions given by you on the piece of paper.

Work as per your written plan make your brain your Best Slave you ever had. And trust me every person enjoys to have a faithful slave.

That’s how people work. That’s how Personalities are made.

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    In the midst of all the chaos there is someone sharing bright light to help us come out of the dark shadows surrounding us. Having a bad day is something which happens with many of us and in the end we look out for a ray of light and exactly that’s what this page does. I wanted something to cheer me up and guess what the first thing that came to my mind is this page. Because of the impact it creates, which is something that help me to STUN MY SWAG !!
    Keep up the good work Kirti.

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